Wongnai X Super App


Mar 2018


5 Weeks


iOS Android Web


UX/UI Designer Prototyper Product Manager



As Wongnai expands to new domains such as the cooking recipe platform we had to redesign the home screen to accommodate new services (while also making room for further expansion).


To give a more modern look to the app I added a cover photo. The photo helps us convey what the app is about. When users come in and see food photos they can understand what the app has to offer at a glance

I feature photos from our community of users. The photos are randomly selected from the pool of “Photos of The Day”. When users post their photos to share with others they get the chance to showcase them on the home screen. This should incentivize users to post more photos.

Wongnai through time since I joined in January 2017

Cooking Domain Mini App
The entry point to the cooking recipe mini-app was moved to the bottom navigation. Once clicked we open a new screen on top with a whole new set of bottom navigation. This goes against the convention but it’s more convenient users who want to use cooking can have menus that are relevant to the recipe platform experience.

Cooking recipe platform mini-app

Design with data and insights
We use quantitative data to make sure important features are not deprioritized.

  1. The search box is featured prominently because it’s the most used feature of the app.
  2. Nearby Restaurants is the second most used feature. It is put within reach, getting the users to discover the restaurants as fast as possible.
  3. Browse by category is redesigned from a list of text and icons into photo cards. Based on our usability test we found that when people look for food categories they look for photos.
Designing with data and insights

Validate & summary

With a more attractive and modern look, we were hoping for a bump in weekly retention but that did not happen. We stick with the design anyway because this was more of a change in direction and a long-needed facelift to the product.